New Cover Designs!

I finally designed covers for The Distance Duet that I love! Graphic design is not my strong point, so this was a bit of a struggle. Luckily I am a little more well-versed in book formatting so, design-wise, I am over the tallest hurdle.

Seriously. Adore this!
Love. LOVE!

I am making progress on the total rewrite of Desire and Social Distance, and have paused marketing efforts for the most part until I am done writing. I took some advice from a marketing workshop on Amazon algorithms and am not doing a preorder for book one. I am doing no paid promotions, blog tours, or anything. I’m launching quietly with a tiny street team and one or two ARC readers, and maybe a reader group party. Until I publish book two, I’m not really going to worry that much about sales.

I am thrilled that I decided to do the rewrite. The story is so much better, and Elena and Greyson are so much more believable, sympathetic characters with a love story that I believe is truly unique and unforgettable, and that I can’t wait for you to read.

I’ve been writing this book a long time, almost two years, and it’s tempting to get frustrated and impatient with myself. But then I stop enjoying the writing. And after that–what is the point of all this again? So I am giving myself grace, and hope you, Potential Future Reader, will too.


Desire and Social Distance

To have someone understand your mind
is a different kind of intimacy.

Elena di Marco is in deep trouble. Writing under the pen name Vivica Valentine and plagued with unshakeable writer’s block, she avoids her editor’s emails and braces herself for disaster. Her publisher is going to rescind her advance unless she achieves the impossible and finishes her book on deadline. Things couldn’t possibly be worse—until she discovers that the professor she has loved in secret for twenty years has inherited the press that is publishing her book. He takes a personal interest in her project, and makes it abundantly clear that his rules and deadlines will be enforced.

Greyson Jameson’s life as a creative writing professor was interrupted by his father’s sudden death three years ago, leaving Greyson to take the reins on the publishing house his father founded. With his two teen children at home and struggling with the quarantine, and his opioid-addicted wife missing for the third year and presumed dead, Greyson struggles to fill the shoes of a man he loathed. But all that changes when he discovers that one of his star authors at his press, Vivica Valentine, is in fact his former creative writing student from twenty years ago—a student with whom he had been secretly infatuated. He is eager to slip back into professor mode to mold and discipline her in ways she hadn’t been ready for before.

But when shadows from their pasts come calling unexpectedly, throwing both their lives into turmoil and threatening the worlds they have created for themselves, Elena and Greyson must make a decision that will forever alter their futures and force them to face their most formidable opponent yet. Can love truly triumph over physical and emotional distance, or will their story end in disaster?

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